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Buy 6-apb online .6-MAPB (1-(benzofuran-6-yl)-N-methylpropane-2-amine) is a psychedelic and entactogenic drug which is structurally related to 6-APB and MDMA. It is not known to have been widely sold as a “designer drug” but has been detected in analytical samples taken from individuals hospitalized after using drug combinations that included other benzofuran derivatives.6-MAPB was banned in the UK in June 2013, along with 9 other related compounds which were thought to produce similar effects.6-apb buy

EcstasyData: After several re-examinations of this sample and comparisons to new databases, as of July 26, 2015, this sample is confirmed to be 5-APDB. This sample is NOT 5- or 6-MAPB.Buy 6-MAPB online.

Buy 6-apb online

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Note: The rest of the comments are mostly for tracking the history of identifying the contents of this sample.

Initially, the lab’s GC/MS technique could not differentiate between 6-MAPB and 5-MAPB. The substance was tentatively identified as being either 6-MAPB or 5-MAPB.6-apb powder for sale

Erowid ordered several lab standards for similar substances that the lab used to calibrate their GC/MS equipment to better be able to identify this class of substances. After examining these new chemical standards, the lab changed its identification of this sample 6-APDB.

This identification is still tentative because we have not yet been able to acquire a lab standard for 6-APDB. However, the lab is confident that the sample submitted is NOT an -MAPB or -APB.6-apb buy

Buy 6-apb online

IUPAC names are long, not practical for the streets. So I can’t tell for sure what street names refer to which formally-named chemical. Regardless, each of these chemicals is very, very similar in structure and in their mass spectrum fingerprints. As of now, with the help of the new standards and more thorough Internet searching, the spectra more resembles 6-APDB.

Note: We have ordered more analytical standards and will continue to try to determine whether we can differentiate between this series of very, very similar MDMA-analogs.6-apb powder for sale

Note: In July 2015, we received word from a visitor that they had a confirmed sample of 6-APDB and their marquis reagent color was very different from this sample. The marquis spot color they saw was a dark purple.

FULL CHEMICAL NAME 1-(benzofuran-6-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine
CAS NUMBER 1354631-79-0
PURITY ≥99.6%
FORMULATION A crystalline solid

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